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Play WEREWOLF with your Friends, Family!-ATTENTION!!\nThis game does not correspond to a single play\n\n-EXPLANATIONWerewolf is a party game modeling a conflict between an informed majority (the WEREWOLVES) and an uninformed majority (the VILLAGERS), like "Werewolves of Millers Hollow". At the start of the game each player is secretly assigned a role by this app. The game has two alternating phases: NIGHT, during which the WEREWOLVES may covertly murder an innocent VILLAGER, and DAY, in which surviving players debate the identities of the WEREWOLVES and vote to hang a suspect. Play continues until all of the WEREWOLVES have been eliminated, or until the WEREWOLVES outnumber the VILLAGERS.-THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS4~25*This game does not correspond to a single play-INFORMATIONThis Application work offline.(not Online game.)(Communication occurs only for ads.)This Application don't play sound.-----OUTLINE-----(1-1)Register Player Name Register player name. Game proceeds in the order of registration.(1-2)Setup Roles Set the number of people assigned to each role.(1-3)Game Start! Roles assigned at random.(2-1)NIGHT -werewolf will attack- Player of the role with a specific ability, which determines the action of the night. Fictional character is attacked by a werewolf,the first day can not use the specific abilities basically.(2-2)NIGHT BREAK Attack result of werewolf will be announced.(2-3)DEBATE Based on the results of the specific abilities of the night, do the exploring of each other werewolf. Player that the game is over is unable to participate in the debate, but to confirm the casting of the role from the menu.(2-4)EXECUTE Performs vote in all players alive, and determines the player in doubt and werewolf best among the players, and then executed. Thereafter, repeat (2-4)(2-1), and then proceeds to a game to fill the following "Victory condition".-VICTORY CONDITIONSVillager-side : Annihilate werewolf-sideWerewolf-side : Murder Villager-side and become majority.Fox-side : survive till fulfill the victory condition for Villagers team or Werewolvs team.-ABOUT ROLE[Villager] (Villager-side)The villager is a general character that does not have any special ability.[Fortune Teller] (Villager-side)The Fortune Teller can divine the role of one player of their choice per night, whether the player is a WEREWOLF or not.*Fortune Teller Settings 1st Nights Fortune (only)[Hunter] (Villager-side)The Hunter will choose to protect one and only one player from werewolf attack per night.*Hunter Settings Self Defense [Shaman] (Villager-side)The Shaman will uncover the identity of the player that was hanged during the days vote.[Freemason] (Villager-side)Freemasons come in pairs. Their advantage is to be able to recognize their partner as a VILLAGER.[Monster Cat] (Villager-side)Monster Cats do not have a specific ability. But when executed during the day vote a player at random will die with the Monster Cat. Also, if the Monster Cat is killed by WEREWOLVES, then a WEREWOLF will die with the Monster Cat.The Monster Cat will be recognized as a VILLAGER to the Fortune Teller and Shaman.[Werewolf] (Werewolf-side)WEREWOLVES can kill one player per night.*Werewolf Settings Independent Action Reciprocal Recognition[Madman] (Werewolf-side)The Madman has no special ability. They are similar to the Villager role, but Madmen are on the Werewolf-side.Fox (Fox-side)The Fox does not die if attacked by WEREWOLVES. The Fox will die if the Fortune Teller divines who they are. If the Fox is alive at the end of the game, whether won by VILLAGERS (by killing all werewolves), or won by WEREWOLVES (by outnumbering the villagers, Fox is excluded from the count), then the Fox will be the lone winner.*Fox Settings Reciprocal RecognitionSpecial Thanks : E.B.